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Our Bible based children's books follow a format designed to touch children's hearts and minds in an easy to follow narrative complete with cute illustrations.

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Seed Planters: The Unlikely Story of 3 Scarecrows
Scarecrows come to life in this charming story with adorable graphics. It begins the morning after a frightening storm the previous evening when the three scarecrows, Biscuit, Puddin' and Pancake had to endure the wind, hail, and torrential rain. They were just happy to have made it through the night and hoping to dry in the warm morning sun when the old crow appeared.

The crow had been in the cornfield before, but this time they soaking wet and not in the best of moods when they confronted him about taking the food. Today the old crow was in for more than just a yummy breakfast.
He called them a bunch of dummies, and while they had to admit that technically they were dummies, they were smart dummies. There was more to them than just stuffing.
As the story progresses an underlying theme emerges and...

Plus, at the very end of the story are photos of the "real" scarecrows!
Christian short story.

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Who Knows How Many Hairs Are On Your Head: A Picture Book With the Answer
iFrom fingers and toes to...who knows? This delightful picture book not only offers the opportunity to count, it reinforces learning about body parts and brings up the question of how many hairs are on your head. Counting the hairs on one's head could prove to be a daunting task for a child (or anyone).

The book poses the question; how will your child answer? What inventive ways can your little one think of to count the hairs? Is there a real need to know how many hairs are on one's head? How can anyone know how many hairs are on your head; aren't there too many to count? One question leads to another. As you read along, stop to reflect on the active involvement you and your child can engage in as you discuss possible answers.

Reading the book together will be a fun learning and reinforcing experience you can repeat over and over again.
Christian picture book.

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Under the Apple Tree: Watch Out Where You Step!,
As the sneaky snake approached the apple tree, suddenly apples began to fall to the ground. Was dropping apples the tree trying to scare away the snake? If so, it didn't work. The snake looked up at the tree, and the tree looked down at the snake and their in-depth conversation began. Yep, the snake and the apple tree both talk in this delightfully illustrated book.

There could not be any two that are more opposite than the apple tree and the snake, but wait...one of the apples began to chime into the conversation; and a blue bird flew in to chirp some thoughts as well.
Hmmm...what could be so interesting that had the snake explaining how he worked like a chameleon? He was so proud of the fact he could change into just about anything, even your best friend! How could he do it? And why?

Can all snakes change like that? Or, is he a special snake? Or is he a chameleon and not a snake at all? Or, is he not a chameleon, and not a snake? If not, then who is he?
Christian short story.

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Unrest At The Ranch: A Chapter Book About Developing Character,
What's in a name? Standing out in the pasture Ima Heifer and Deplorabull were in deep conversation wondering how they were named and why. Others at the ranch had interesting names as well, Droopy, Lifeless, Wilted, and even Sycamore! Let's don't forget about a sheep named Pat Gently and a donkey named Neil Down, and then there's Ima Heifer's sister...her name is...

What an interesting ranch, the animals even flowers and trees talk! It all sounds quite innocent, yet trepidation and secrecy abound at the ranch as friends encounter troubling and fearful times. How will it all turn out? Will perseverance prevail? Will experiences help to develop character? Can prayer really change things?

This charming chapter book is filled with interesting characters and cute graphics. Of course you'll want to see what Ima Heifer and Deplorabull (and the others) look like!

Spiritual theme.

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when I turn 6 cover

When I Turn 6
When I Turn 6 is a fun book with appealing goals a six year old can easily connect with and complete. It's all about spreading wings, gaining independence, learning new things, addressing fears, and growing up. Although losing one's baby teeth can be a scary thought; this book addresses that concern in both uplifting verse and charming images.

When I Turn 6 is a delightful look into the opportunities and expectations of becoming a six year old. It's a book to be read again and again as your child approaches turning six.

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